Mexican Train Scorecard App Reviews

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Stopped working

No app update crappy

Doesn’t work

I bought the Mexican Train app and after a few months it stopped working because the app developer hasn’t brought it up to date with Apple’s latest iOS version. What a ripoff. Glad it was on 99 cents, but in the world we live in with such low expectations of integrity I am still disappointed by people who sell a product then fail to back it up. Won’t waste my money on any other apps developed by bcapps. What junk.

App no longer works

This is a really nice app but it no longer works with the latest IOS and there is no way to contact the developer. Bummer! 😡

Love this app!

Works great with my iPad. The only reason why my review isn't 5-star is because I would like it better with colored dominoes, which would lend to easier usage.


Horrible app

Gen 4 IPad

Brad, Useful app, works great on my IPad. The only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to show the tiles in color in the calculator. They are kind of hard to ID in black.

Doesn't work for iPad

This app works great on my iPhone, but it is terrible on my iPad. You can't get to the last three columns or the total score. They really need to fix it so it works properly.

Train scorecard

Great tool except the last 3 or 4 columns are cutoff and could only see up to the 3's. The two and one's and the total column did not show up and we could not finish the game with the tool. Using Generation 1 iPad. Please advise. Thanks. Brian

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